About Us

Information security goes beyond technology

Cybercrime is the fastest growing economic crime. Modern day criminal activities demand a lot from organisations’ technical solutions and are increasingly focusing on the human factor. In addition, laws and regulations concerning privacy and data leaks are becoming more strict. Organisations must increasingly secure and protect their information in order to prevent fines and continuity and reputational damage.

Organisations often struggle with the involvement of their employees regarding information security and privacy. After all, more than 70% of all information security incidents are caused by human error. NextTech Security is specialised in creating awareness and stimulating behavioural change with regard to information security. Teach them to recognise security risks and make them the strongest link in information security. Your employees can make the difference!

We test employees’ behaviour, provide insight into vulnerabilities and train your employees. We do this with effective security awareness programmes and screenings. These security awareness programmes offer a continuous solution, are accessible and suitable for all employees. No cramming of rules, but concrete tips and tricks to work more safely. We guarantee a measurable change in behaviour!

Our vision

The world of information security is rapidly changing. Organisations must develop continuously in order to keep up with these changes. With our approach we want to create a safer working environment in which people work aware and sensibly. In order to secure information, processes should be in order, technological solutions should be up-to-date and people should be acting sensibly. We often see that the human factor of information security is subordinate to technology. We want to support organisations to continue to develop the human aspect.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the employees of our customers aware of their role and responsibilities with regard to information security in order to promote sustainable behavioural change. They should be able to recognise safety risks, prevent incidents and defeat cybercrime. This way they can protect their organisation against security incidens and cyber threats in the best way possible. We want to achieve this with high-quality, innovative and accessible services, our continuous approach and committed and personal touch.

More information?

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