NextTech Partner Programme

Security Awareness is important for every organisation, including your customers!

Are you looking for a Security Awareness solution for your customers and are you looking for a involved partner? NextTech Security offers the opportunity to participate in our Security Awareness Partner Programme.

For whom?

Our partner programme is intended for organisations that want to help their clients to protect their crown jewels. You may already be offering technical solutions for your customers which need to ensure that hackers stay out, that phishing emails are stopped and that employees can work safely outside the door. In this case it is also important to involve employees and make them aware of the importance of information security and their individual responsibilities. This way you can minimize the chance of incidents and prevent data leaks.

What is included?

As a participant of our partner programme, NextTech will proactively help you in getting to know the business and our services. We offer you a partner training where you get to know all the ins and outs of our services and get to know the Security Awareness business. In addition, we help you to determine which services fit the specific situation of your customers. After all, a small SME often has different needs than a large organisation with many employees. By getting a better picture of your client’s situation, you can make a appropriate advice to get the maximum return.

We offer our partners

  • A unique partner training to get familiar with our services
  • Sales support
  • Special purchase discount
  • A unique service portfolio
  • Special rates for internal Awareness services
  • A profitable deal registration

Security Awareness as a Service

Security Awareness as a Service (SAaaS) forms the core of a security awareness program for partners. The Security Awareness as a Service combines the essential components to make organisations and employees security aware in a cost-effective subscription. We invoice monthly based on the actual number of subscribers in the Learning Management System (LMS). This offers the necessary flexibility for new hires and resignations, and for temporary employees.

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