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Experience the danger with a phishing simulation

Phishing is one of the majors digital threats that organisations have to face. From clicking on a link to opening an infected attachment, a mistake is easily made and can happen to anyone. Such mistakes can have serious consequences: ransomware infections, stolen data or the loss of money. To what extent do your employees recognise a phishing mail? Test your employees and make them resilient to phishing attacks with our phishing simulations.

Number 1 cyber threat

  • 85% of all organisations have fallen victim to a phishing attack at one time or another
  • In 2 of 3 cases, the attack was carried out by spear phishing, a targeted attack on an organisation, department or individual
  • 30% of all phishing mails are opened
  • 90% of data leaks are caused by a phishing mail

Phishing simulation options

NextTech offers several cost-effective ways for a phishing test. This gives you insight into the extent to which your employees are able to recognize phishing. Results are reported in detail. Think of the number of opened e-mails, clicks on links or filled in credentials. It is also possible to perform a SMS phishing simulation.

 No. of simulationsMail spoof testReporting*
Generic phishing1
Repeated generic phishing3 / 6
Custom phishingTBD
SMS phishingTBD
* Reporting is done after each phishing email Phishing test, phishing simulatie, phishing voorkomen, phising, vishing

Our predefined generic phishing mails are tailored to be used at any organisation and vary in level of difficulty and content. We sent you employees an email containing a “infected” link to a website. When an employee clicks, he or she receives immediate feedback and several tips about how to avoid this in future. A customised mail is fine-tuned to your needs and demands with regard to content, design and type of link.

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