What is Security Awareness?

Your employees as the strongest link in information security

More than 70% of all information security incidents are caused by human error. People click on phishing links, lose their USB flash drive or unconsciously share information with unauthorised persons. When it comes to information security, employees are often unaware of the important role they play within their organisation. This makes your organisation unnecessarily vulnerable to security incidents and cyber threats. By raising security awareness and stimulating desired behaviour, your employees will become the strongest link and function as a human frewall.

When it comes to the information security of your organisation, your employees can make a big difference. A clear policy and the proper technology are not suffcient. Employees need to become aware of their responsibilities with regard to information security and – even more importantly – act accordingly.

What is security awareness?

Security awareness is the extent to which employees are able to prevent and avert information security incidents. In addition, the sense of responsibility that employees have in information security is essential. Other terms for security awareness are iconsciousness, cyber awareness and information awareness.

Statements that we often hear:

‘Information security? Isn’t that the responsibility of the IT department??’
‘Aren’t we already protected with firewalls and virus scanners?’

Raise security awareness within your organisation

A security awareness learning method teaches employees which role and responsibility they have with regard to information security. They will be trained to recognise daily risks and avert dangers. We believe in generally accessible training methods. The knowledge gained can be directly implemented, for example, at home. The result is a higher level of engagement, increased security awareness and real behavioural change.

Creating security awareness: not a one-off effort

Creating security awareness is not a one-off effort. It requires structural attention. Over time, the awareness of your employees will weaken. That is why we advise to give continuous attention to security awareness.

In order to create security awareness, organisations can already do a lot by themselves. In case your organisation needs extra handles, our expertise helps you find a suitable security awareness program. Curious about the possibilities? Please take a look at our security awareness trainings and screenings.

Our awareness approachAwareness baseline audit & Social Engineering
Phishing simulationSecurity awareness e-learning
Online GDPR trainingSerious Game Show
Interactive knowledge sessionsSupporting tools

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