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Train uw medewerkers klassikaal met onze interactieve Security Awareness workshop

An interactive knowledge session is a fun, inspiring and accessible introduction to security awareness. We teach your staff in an interactive way and in plain language where the current risks and dangers lie in the human factor of today’s risks and dangers with regard to information security and privacy. In addition, a knowledge session is ideal for creating support among employees and management. A NextTech speaker always knows how to enthuse the public. Perfect to use during a theme day or as a kick-off for a security awareness campaign.

We actively engage employees by using voting boxes, presenting them with different questions and statements to challenge them in thinking about various themes. In consultation we can perform a live phishing or social engineering demonstration. This will get the debate on long after.

 Interactive keynoteClassroom trainingClassroom training for management
Target groupStaffStaffManagement
Duration1 hour2 hrs*2 hrs*
Max. group size1002520
ThemesIn consultationPasswords
Safe internet usage
Software usage
Social engineering
Computer & workplace
Mobile security
Internet of things
Laws and regulations
Threats and dangers
Sensitive data
Working secure
The role of management
Incl. usage of voting boxes
Online examination & certification--
* By deleting themes, the duration of the training can be shortened.

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