Security Awareness Game Show

Creating security awareness with a serious game show

For many employees security awareness is not the most sexy subject. Make your colleagues aware of the important role they play when it comes to information security with our serious game show. Creating awareness about information security and privacy has never been so much fun!

During our security awareness game show ‘TeamSec’ we challenge your colleagues to actively think about information security, privacy, data protection and the dangers they (may) face on a daily basis. We do this in a fun and interactive way. The game show conists of several different mini games and assignments. Participants compete with each other in a team, which ensures a comptetive experience.

The total programme lasts approximately 1.5 hours and suits 60 participants. (10 6-person teams)

Why choose our serious game show?

Fun and accessible

TeamSec is specifically developed for all employees. Your colleagues are challenged to actively think about a wide range of subjects within the field of information security in a fun and informal setting. Creating security awareness does not have to be boring at all! Perfect for using as a complementary training during a broader awareness campaign or as a stand-alone learning method and widely deployable during various occasions.

Competition and interaction

Which team is able to crack the code first? Teams compete to win the security awareness cup during different challenging mini games. Our experienced and enthusiast quiz master presents them with e.g. a scenario round, quickest quiz and recognise the phish. Each team receives a voting box to answer challenging questions and statements, and carry out assignments. All participants receive a security gadget afterwards.

Create security awareness

Make your colleagues aware about their role and responsibilities when it comes to information security in a fun and accessbile way and make them acquainted with the importance of information security and the risks of cyber crime.

You know more as a team

Your colleagues are able to exchange experiences and knowledge with each other. Our game show is therefore also good for team building within your organisation.

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