Online GDPR Training

Are your employees GDPR ready?

The GDPR is not only a matter of your organisation’s Legal Department or IT, but is important for all employees. In order to inform all employees about the GDPR, Privacy, and what this means for their daily activities, we developed an online GDPR learning module.

Our online GDPR training focuses on creating awareness and the role of your employees when it comes to working in a privacy-conscious way. In less than 15 minutes our training provides information about the basic principles of the GDPR, the concept of a data leak and the effect of the law on daily activities. The training consists of a series of short videos and scenarios, which are followed by quiz questions.

For all employees

We have developed this module specifcally for all employees within an organisation. From Administration to Finance, from Customer Service to Sales, everyone will be affected by the new legislation, which is why it is important to make all employees familiar with the law and to inform them how the law affects their daily activities. We provide your employees with easily understandable and tangible scenarios on how to deal with privacy-sensitive data to prevent a data leak, without creating a jumble of legal terms and concepts.

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Why choose our GDPR training?

  Inform employees about the GDPR in
  less than 15 minutes
  Easily understandable, so suitable for
  all employees
  Scenarios based on daily activities
  Short videos are followed by
  interactive quiz questions
  Developed in collaboration with
  privacy lawyers
  No jumble of legal terms and rules
  Certificate of participation after
  completion training
  Access to our complete module library
  (more info)

The Big GDPR Quiz

It is important for any organisation to regularly ask itself about the current state of GDPR knowledge. Are employees still fully aware of the legislation? And do they still know what the GDPR means for their daily work? ‘The Big GDPR Quiz’ is an interactive online quiz module that has been developed to keep the subject up to date. It is a perfect follow-up to the GDPR training module and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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More information about our online GDPR training?

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