Security Awareness E-learning

Online Security Awareness training

Creating behavioural change and awareness is not a one-off effort. A structural awareness of information security and privacy is required. Our online training is based on this insight. We do not provide a set of rules to follow but offer guidelines and knowledge to encourage behavioural change. Teach your employees to recognise cyber risks and to work more safely!

Our e-learning offers employees the chance to follow the various modules about information security and privacy when it suits them best. By making the modules available periodically, people are repeatedly confronted with the subject. The result is a well-balanced level of awareness, higher effectiveness and reduced security risks.

Why our security awareness e-learning?

Modular training

Our e-learning program consists of several separate modules. Subscription will grant access to all available modules (view topics). The sequence, selection and timing can be adjusted. This way you can put together a program that perfectly matches the requirements of your organisation. Our e-learning is always up-to-date, because you automatically gain access to newly developed modules.

You keep control

You will have access to our online learning platform: Awaretrain. With Awaretrain we give you all the tools to increase the security awareness of employees under your own management. In a user-friendly interface you can put together learning programs, manage users and groups, and generate reports and certificates. Do you have your own learning platform? It is possible to integrate our content into your LMS.

Accessible and interactive

People do not learn anything from long and theoretical texts. Our modules are short and easily understandable with directly applicable tips and tricks to guarantee maximum involvement. We use animated videos and short quizzes that take 5 to 15 minutes to complete. In the modules we explain how employees can work more aware and safely. Exercises test the employees’ knowledge and actively involves them in the training.

Supporting content

We offer supporting posters and cartoons to complement the awareness campaign and enhance the effectiveness of the security awareness program. Our awareness posters and cartoons are perfectly aligned with the various security awareness topics we cover in our modules and are available in 8 languages.


Our e-learning is available in 8 languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Czech. Any other desired language can be developed on request.

Measurable and proven

Managers can monitor user and user group progress and results. With our reporting tool they can also generate reports and certificates.


Graphical elements in the learning environment, such as company logo and colours, can be adjusted. Does the content of a module not match what you are looking for or do you want a completely new module? Please enquire about the possibilities.

Security Awareness as a Service

The e-learning is a complete awareness training and is part of our Security Awareness as a Service (SAaaS) programme. SAaaS combines the essential components to make organisations and employees security aware. We offer three subscriptions.

  Essentials Premium
Access to all online modules view topics
Access to newly developed modules
Hosted by NextTech or integration in own learning platform
Supporting posters & cartoons
Baseline audit (preliminary)-
Phishing simulation (2-monthly)-

Social engineering screening
Let your employees experience the danger of a mystery guest, telephone phishing or portable device test.

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Interactive game show
Let your employees compete in teams and engage them to think about information security in an accessible manner.

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More info about our e-learning?

Our customers go for a carefree way of business with our awareness trainings. Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities? Call us at +31 88 018 16 00 or leave a message. We will contact you within 1 working day!



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