Our Security Awareness Approach

Our Security Awareness approach

NextTech Security creates insight into vulnerabilities and creates awareness and behavioural change among your employees. When it comes to the information security of your organisation, your employees can make a big difference. Our Security Awareness learning and training methods teach employees which role and responsibility they have with regard to information security within their organisation, and – even more importantly – we teach them how they should act accordingly. No cramming of rules and technical concepts, but specifically focused on creating behavioural change.

Our Security Awareness services and programmes create insight into vulnerabilities, appoint solutions and train your employees. On the basis of relevant practical examples, working methods of criminals and practical tips & tricks your employees learn to work more safely and consciously.

Security Awareness audits and learning methods

NextTech offers Security Awareness tests and learning methods for various target groups in various forms. There is always a suitable screening or Security Awareness training that fits the size and wishes of your organisation.

Creating Security Awareness is not a one-off effort. It requires structural attention. A repetition of methods often does not lead to the intended goal. Check out our diverse portfolio!

Online Security Awareness Training

Perfect for structurally creating behavioural change and awareness among your employees. No long and theoretical texts, but directly applicable tips & tricks to work more secure.
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Online GDPR Training

Are your employees aware about the GDPR? It is important for all employees. This training focuses on protecting personal data and preventing data breaches.
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Baseline Audit

Gain insight into the current level of awareness within your organisation. Our baseline audit als provides you with focus points for future security measures.
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Social Engineering Screening

Let your employees experience the danger of social engineering. Can they be manipulated to share information? Mystery guest, telephone phishing or portable device test.
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Phishing Simulation

The biggest digital threat organisations have to face. Are your employees able to recognise and prevent phishing attacks? Gain insight into their clicking behaviour.
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Phishing Quiz

A challenge for even the most alert employees! In this quiz your employees have to determine how to react to different (suspicious) email scenarios.
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Classroom Workshop

During our interactive classroom workshops we use plain language to educate your employees about today’s risks and dangers with regard to information security.
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Interactive Game Show

Engage and train employees in an attractive and accessible manner. Let them compete in teams and in different mini games. Can they crack the code?
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Security Awareness as a Service: Creating awareness in subscription form

With Security Awareness as a Service we combine essential components to make your organisation security aware in a monthly subscription. Every month you receive an invoice based on the actual number of users.

Our Security Awareness as a Service is available in an Essentials and Premium Edition. Both variants allow you to have access to all our online training modules. Newly developed modules will be automatically added. In the Premium Edition a baseline audit, evaluation audits and phishing simulations are included. This makes it possible to measure whether the training has the intended effect and test whether employees actually use the gained knowledge in practice?

  Essentials Premium
Train with online modules View modules
Automatic access to newly developed modules
Hosted by NextTech or integration in own learning platform
Supporting posters & cartoons
Gain insight into the current level of awareness with our baseline audit (preliminary)-
Test employees with phishing simulations (2-monthly)-
Evaluate with our evaluation audits (annually)-

Unique Selling Points


We offer Awareness training for the average employee, IT and management. Our services are continuously developed and improved by our security experts, communication specialists and education professionals. As a result, a Security Awareness training is always perfectly compatible with specific functions or departments within your organisation.


The average employee does not have an IT or Security background. That is why we make our programmes generally accessible. The knowledge gained can be directly implemented, for example, at home. The result? A higher level of engagement, increased security awareness and real behavioural change.


Our Security Awareness programmes are aimed at demonstrable results. We think it is very important to be able to demonstrate and measure the information awareness of your employees, and the results of our training programmes. In this way you can monitor progress and create practical tools for the future.


It is possible to fne-tune the content and design of the Security Awareness training or learning method and adapt it to your specifc needs. Would you like to develop your own training trajectory? We would be happy to provide an Interim Awareness Offcer or one of our other consultancy services to help you develop your own training trajectory.

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