Phishing Quiz

Challenge your employees with the NextTech Phishing Quiz

Do your employees know how to react when they receive an (suspicious) email? And are they aware of the different methods criminals employ? Evaluate the behaviour of even your most alert employees with the challenging NextTech Phishing Quiz.

Phishing Quiz, Phishing training, Phishing test, ceo fraude, ceo-fraud, ceo-fraude, whaling The Phishing Quiz takes only 10 minutes and offers a simple and fast method for employees to gain insight into their behaviour towards (suspicious) email. It is easy to delete a suspicious email, but if you delete a legitimate email, you may miss out on important information.

By understanding various criminal techniques, employees learn to recognise how criminals try to manipulate them by, for instance, exerting urgency or authority. The NextTech Phishing Quiz creates awareness and teaches employees to recognise phishing emails and thereby supports them to this popular form of cybercrime.

How does it work?

The participants are asked to read various emails, some legitimate and some phishing. In each scenario, they have to decide how to act in the described situation. Participants can score points in each scenario, depending on their decisions. The quiz has been developed in such a way that participants who just play safe will not get high scores. Each scenario is followed by a comprehensive summary that outlines the best possible answer as well as various important clues for recognising phishing emails.

Features & benefits

Contrary to many other phishing tests on the market, it is not a questionnaire that only requires the participant to specify whether or not something is phishing. Links, attachments and the sender’s address can be checked by hovering over them with a mouse.

  • Realistic scenarios
  • Focus on desired behaviour
  • A challenge for everyone
  • Competitive element due to smart scoring model
  • Includes detailedreporting
  • Perfect combination with our other Awareness services


When the quiz is fnished, the participants can check their score and compare it with the scores within your organisation. Would you like to reward correct behaviour? Why not turn the quiz into a competition and award a prize to the participant that achieve top 5 scores.


Participants have 2 months of access to the quiz. After these 2 months, you will receive a report with results for each scenario and an overview of the types of phishing emails that your employees fnd diffcult to recognise. This can be a perfect starting point for a Security Awareness campaign.

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