Supporting Awareness Tools & Gadgets

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To enhance the attention given to the subject of information security within your organisation and the effects of an awareness trajectory, we advise the use of a combination of tools. We therefore offer various types of supporting tools and gadgets.

Poster campaign

The poster campaign is an additional awareness raising tool and serves as a trigger to initiate discussion. NextTech Security offers awareness posters that are perfectly aligned with various security awareness themes that are covered in our e-learning modules.

The NextTech awareness posters are digitally available or printed on A2 size.

Awareness cartoons

Create awareness for information security and privacy with our unique cartoons. These funny cartoons are perfectly aligned with the various subjects that are covered in our e-learning.

The NextTech awareness cartoons are digitally available.

Webcam cover

Inbuilt webcams can be misused via a malware infection that allows criminals to activate the camera without the user’s knowledge. NextTech therefore also offers webcam covers for protection of webcam misuse and as an additional awareness trigger. The cover and packaging can be customised with a message chosen by you.

Video by management or board

Inform your staff about security awareness with a video. Create more understanding and increased motivation to actively participate in the trajectory by closely involving management and board in your awareness trajectory. In this way, you create more understanding and increased motivation to actively participate in the trajectory.

Make a short video in which a senior executive explains why information security requires extra attention and is essential for your organisation. The form and content of the video can be customised according to the wishes and needs of your organisation.

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